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12 Vitamins for Injection

  • Prescription information

    [Common name] 12 kinds of multivitamins for injection

    [Ingredients] 9 kinds of water-soluble vitamins and 3 kinds of fat-soluble vitamins

    [Indications] This product is an intravenous vitamin supplement for the patients with gastrointestinal deficient nutrient intake.

    [Dose] For adults and children over 11 years old, 1 for each day. It can be dissolved in parenteral nutrition drugs for intravenous infusion.

    [Manufacturer] Shanxi Pude Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

  • Product features

    Patented technology: a patented technology for stable multi-vitamin composition

    Reasonable formula: it conforms to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendation

    Convenient preparation: the clinical liquid preparation is easier

    Wide miscibility: all the clinical parenteral nutrition drugs are compatible with Weimeijia ?

  • Drug instructions