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Fat-soluble Vitamin For Injection(Ⅱ)

国药准字 H20090175
  • Prescription information

    [Common name] Fat-soluble vitamins (II) for injection 

    [Ingredients] Containing 4 kinds of fat-soluble vitamins 

    [Indications] For the prevention and treatment of fat-soluble vitamin deficiency in adults 

    [Dose] For adults and children over 11 years old, 1 for each day 

    [Manufacturer] Shanxi Pude Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Product features
    The section of "Appendix: Guiding Principles of Standardized Preparation of Multi-Vitamins in Parenteral Nutrition Liquid" in Expertise' Consensus in Clinical Vitamin Preparation Application recommended fat-soluble vitamins for injection - Weimeijia.
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