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Compound Glycyrrhizin Injection

国药准字 H20067643
  • Prescription information

    [Common name] Compound glycyrrhizin injection

    [Specification] 20ml: glycyrrhizin 40mg, cysteine hydrochloride 20mg, glycine 400mg

    [Indications] Treat chronic liver disease, and improve liver dysfunction. It can be used to treat eczema, dermatitis and urticaria.

    [Manufacturer] Shanxi Pude Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Product features

    1. Protect the liver; rapidly reduce enzyme within 12 hours; essential preparation for hormone withdrawal process

    2. Companion for antibiotics; replacement for hormone

    3. Classic medication in digestion and dermatology departments

    4. The efficacy is significant and the safety is high. 

  • Drug instructions