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Potassium Aspartate Injection

国药准字 H20150025
  • Prescription information

    [Common name] Potassium aspartate injection

    [Specification] 10ml: 1.712g (K+: 10mEq)

    [Indications] It is an electrolyte supplement. Treat hypokalemia caused by various reasons

    [Dose] For adults, 1-3 for each day, but no more than 10.

    [Manufacturer] Inner Mongolia Baiyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

  • Product features

    1. New drugs of Class 3.1; drafter of the national quality standards

    2. Dual channel for efficient potassium supplements, which can rapidly recover the intracellular and extracellular potassium homeostasis

    3. Medication for the whole department treatment

    4. The potassium content is nearly 4 times of the potassium magnesium aspartate with same dosage and same specification. 

  • Drug instructions