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Weixinkang successfully launched A-share, achieving a new leap in capital market

Date:2017-07-31 browse: Author: WeiXinkang

       On July 21, 2017, Tibet Weixinkang Medicine Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company issued total 63 million shares publicly with the RMB 5.53 per share, and raised funds of RMB 348 million, which is, except for supporting the intravenous supplement to subdivide the traditional superior product for updating, used for striving for innovation to enhance the company's R&D strength, widen the product type so as to achieve the multivariate developments from chemical injection to Chinese patent medicine preparations, chemical oral preparations, thus laying the foundation for facilitating innovation of the company, meeting the international challenge and ensuring the sustained profitability and stable development. 

Tibet Weixinkang Medicine Co., Ltd. was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange. 

        In recent years, under many national favorable policies for encouraging the pharmaceutical enterprise to improve the innovation level, China's chemical pharmaceutical industry will conduct transition from simple imitate to innovate transition. Since the beginning of the establishment, Weixinkang has devoted itself to developing the chemical drugs and bulk drugs to fill in the blank in these fields with persistently increased investment. The investments from 2014 to 2016 of the company is RMB 28 million, 42 million and 34 million with the ratio of R&D expense and revenue of 7.18%, 9.45% and 7.93%, respectively. Taking the multi-vitamin preparation as the core and multi-field application as the features, the company has formed a specialized drug development system, including 12 kinds of injection multivitamins, potassium magnesium aspartate for injection, iron sucrose injection, potassium aspartate injection and other products, coming out in front in the market.

        Among which, 12 kinds of injection multivitamins are the intravenous vitamin supplements. The technology for batch production is only grasped by the company in China and the relevant preparation method for main bulk drugs and preparations has obtained the patents. According to the data, the market share of the company's 12 kinds of injection multivitamins is more than 95% during 2013-2015, taking the leading position; in addition, the preparation methods of the potassium aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate as the bulk drug for company's injection potassium magnesium aspartate have been patented. Moreover, the market share of the company's injection potassium magnesium aspartate is more than 55% in 2013-2015, ranking the first in the market. There are 5 domestic iron sucrose injection manufacturers in China, during 2013-2015, the market share of the company's iron sucrose injection is more than 28%, ranking the second in the market. For high threshold of the preparation technology of the potassium aspartate compound, only 2 manufactures (including the Weixinkang) have obtained the drug approval number. The compound growth rate of potassium aspartate injection in recent 5 years is 127.37%. In the future, the self-produced potassium aspartate injection of the company will stimulate economic growth. 


Address from the chairman of board of Tibet Weixinkang Medicine Co., Ltd. 

       In the listing ceremony, Chairman Zhang Yong delivered a speech to express his gratitude to people from all fields, "Weixinkang has made great achievements in the R&D of medical products, gaining the acceptance by many users, all of which indicate the concerns and supports of leaders at all levels and people in all sectors of the society and reflect the hard work and perspiration of all employees." At the meantime, Chairman Zhang Yong also expressed his wish to Weixinkang, "taking the listing as the starting point to operate legally, regulate the management and adhere to pragmatism and innovation, thus creating better achievements to reward the investors and people from all fields." 

       For the successful leap in capital market, on the one hand, Weixinkang has obtained a brand-new platform for further development, on the other hand, as the focus of attention of the investors, capital market has provided more supervisory norms and requirements to Weixinkang. Taking advantage of the capital market, the company will rethink and redefine the enterprise's development strategy and mode to create a professional generic-creative pharmaceutical company respected by Chinese society and the public, making a contribution to the health of Chinese.