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Tibet Weixinkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was set up in 2006. After many years of development, it has owned 12 subsidiaries and has become a comprehensive high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise, integrating the R&D, production and sales.

Based on the clinical needs, the company focuses on R&D and innovation, insists on the combination of imitation and innovation, and pays its more attention on its core business of R&D, production and sales of the chemical drugs and their bulk drugs. The company's core products cover the parenteral nutrition vitamins, electrolyte supplements, intravenous iron supplements, and medicine for the digestive system, liver disease, etc. After years of continuous innovation, it has formed obvious advantages in various professional fields, and has developed and cultivated a number of advantageous varieties with definite clinical efficacy and broad market prospects. The company's leading products include 12 kinds of injection multivitamins, potassium magnesium aspartate for injection, iron sucrose injection, potassium aspartate injection, etc., ranking among the bests in the market.

Weixinkang adheres to the talent idea of "people-oriented and cooperation for excellence ", and has successfully established a unique medical health industry platform. In the future, the company will follow the national policies and the industry development directions to further improve its innovative ability and technical level, develop the medicine used for chronic diseases and pediatric diseases, to provide more innovative and available treatment options with the support of its own R&D technology. The company will always adhere to the corporate mission of "caring for life, protecting health", and will constantly strengthen the construction of modern management platform and make full use of specialized information management tools, to promote the company more modern and comprehensive, thus becoming a professional generic-creative pharmaceutical company respected by Chinese society and public.