Subsidiary profile-About us-Tibet WeiXinKang Medicine CO., LTD.
  • R&D center of Tibet Weixinkang Medicine CO., LTD

    R&D centers include some subsidiaries, such as Beijing (Tibetan) Weixinkang Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing (Beijing) Weixinkang Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. The core business of the company - R&D started in 2002, is the company's core business. Based on R&D and innovation, the company adheres to the clinical need oriented guideline and insists on the combination of imitation and innovation to constantly develop new products with independent intellectual property rights. After years of capital investment, technical research and knowledge accumulation, the R&D center has initially formed a complete-majored systematic technology development system, and has trained a research team of about 160 people mainly composed of doctorates, masters and undergraduates, with continuous innovation ability for drug research and development. The R&D center has formed three major technology platforms: "new injection technology platform", "large compound preparation technology platform", "new freeze-drying technology platform", and has extended to oral solid preparations; the company has obtained a total of 12 invention patents and 14 new drug certificates, and helped the business partners obtain 59 drug registration certificates under the technical support of the company. It has obtained obvious advantages in the aspects like intravenous vitamin supplements, intravenous iron supplements and intravenous potassium and magnesium supplements. The company regards market as the guide, technology as the core, talent as the foundation and innovation as the soul, and strives to become an influential, competitive modern R&D enterprise in China.
  • Production center of Tibet Weixinkang Medicine CO., LTD

    Inner Mongolia Baiyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. located in Ulanhot Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tibet Weixinkang Medicine CO., LTD, and is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of parenteral nutrition vitamins, electrolyte supplements, intravenous iron supplements, medicine for digestive and liver diseases and antibiotics, with the covering area of 59,400m2 and construction area of 15,000m2. After the reorganization and reconstruction in 2012, the major production lines of the company have passed the new GMP certification, namely the lines of large-volume injection, small-volume injection for terminal sterilization, small volume injection for non-terminal sterilization and freeze-dried powder injection, and it has obtained the production approval numbers for 66 drugs. In addition, the solid-preparation (tablets, capsules, granules, powder) and bulk drug workshops of Baiyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are under construction and certification process, and approximately 30 corresponding R&D products are also applying for approval. The company regards market demand as the core and product innovation as the guide. In 2014, it was awarded as “High-tech Enterprise”. In 2015, the R&D and Industrialization Project for Potassium Aspartate Injection was listed as a "Strategic Emerging Industry" project by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In 2016, the R&D and Industrialization Project for Parenteral Nutrition Injection and Trace Element Injection was listed as a "Major Project" in science and technology development by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The company focuses on providing the domestic patients with the latest and highest quality medicines, and the management culture of excellence provides a solid foundation for the company to achieve sustainable development.
  • Marketing center of Tibet Weixinkang Medicine CO., LTD

    The marketing center of Tibet Weixinkang Medicine CO., LTD includes the subsidiaries like Tibet Zhongwei Chengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Yangpu Jingtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., etc.. Tibet Zhongwei Chengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone, and mainly engages in the wholesale and sales of parenteral nutrition vitamins, electrolyte supplements, intravenous iron supplementation and other preparations. The company has obtained the drug business license, and passed the GSP certification in 2014. The company strictly complies with the relevant state standards and industry standards, and has introduced modern management tools one after another, such as invoicing management system, OA collaborative office systems, to continuously improve work efficiency. The company has a group of professional sales teams that are responsible for sales management and customer service, and market management and maintenance. The marketing network has been over every province, city and autonomous region in the country. The company follows the entrepreneurial spirit of “sureness, hardworking and responsibility” as well as the business philosophy of honesty, high quality, responsibility and win-win. While paying attention to its own significant development, the company also actively undertakes the social responsibility of training talents and has become a medicine circulation enterprise with steady development, full vitality and high competition, to contribute its own strength to the economic construction and social development in Tibet.