EAP-Human resources-Tibet WeiXinKang Medicine CO., LTD.

EAP(Employee Assistance Program,Employee help plan)

Tibet Weixinkang medicine Co., Ltd was established in 2015 by EAP, to provide professional guidance, training and consulting to help employees and their family members to solve psychological and behavioral problems, so as to improve the performance and improve the organization and management of the atmosphere.

First phase

Theme: "double Ying" life + work sample crystal feminine Salon

Content: "tutor plan" for women: inviting 3-5 years of work experience and gaining a certain success to provide guidance to young women in the workplace.

Second phase

Theme: Health etiquette tea culture
Content: the day the busy tone fast rhythm of our life, the purpose of this event: learning to tea, tea cultivation, to build the heart. This event is intended to understand the connotation of China tea culture, identification, learning tea tea etiquette, tea, tea and tea with different health collocation.

Third phase

Theme: the secret of happy work
Content: happiness should be a combination of happiness and meaning. Don't regard work as a task that has to be done, but regard it as a privilege, so that it will feel more happiness. The following 8 ways to teach you how to maintain a positive, relaxed and enjoyable job. 

1、Follow the passion of your heart

2、Learn to fail

3、Accept yourself as a whole person

4、Exercise regularly




8、Express gratitude