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People-oriented, Cooperation for Excellence

The positioning of human resources

    Human resource is the top resource, talent strategy is the top strategy, and talent environment is the top environment.

Talent concept

    People first focuses on human morality and respects human personality; emphasizes on human ability and recognizes human values; cherishes people's feelings and improves people's qualities; regards the one who can find the problem as a smart person; regards the one who knows the cause of the problem as an experienced person; regards the one who can solve problems as a capable person. Everyone has a stage, everyone is the boss, and everyone can develop into a career!

Human resource policies

    Talent selection policy: Since its establishment, Weixinkang has always adhered to the talent concept of "people-oriented and cooperation for excellence," sticking to the ethics-based talent selection policy of both ability and political integrity. With eclectic talent selection method, the talents of all types and a large number of people with lofty ideals are attracted into the company.

    Talent employment policy: "the immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty; the vast sky lets birds fly freely". Weixinkang always insists on the employment standard of "loyalty first and almighty-based" to create a just, fair and open employment environment through the implementation of performance appraisal to improve the enthusiasm and initiative of the talents to show their abilities.

    Talent training policy: the continuous improvement of the staff's knowledge, skills and moral health drive the company's sustainable development. The company deepens its staff training system and cultivates the talents internally. For example, set up allocate special funds for staff training and effectively improve the employees' actual ability and professional ethics through the internal training, taking lesions by the external expert, co-cultivation with the scientific research institutes and universities and other ways to cultivate the internal talents.

    Talent preserving policy: retaining talents at all costs is the pursuit of Weixinkang, so that the company has made many policies for talent preserving.

(1) Retaining talents by career: the company designs a career plan for its employees to enable employees to realize their own values during the enterprise development, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both enterprise and individuals.

(2) Retaining talents by compensation: according to the development of the company and the price of talent in the market, we will raise the staff compensations year by year, which maintain a competitive remuneration level in the industry.

(3) Retaining talents by benefits: The company pays the "five insurances and one allowance" for its employees and provides various benefits, such as the Dragon Boat Festival subsidy, the Mid-Autumn Festival subsidy, the accident insurance, the employees' medical examination, the birthday gifts, the meal allowance, the wedding ceremony, and the birth condolences.

(4) Retaining talents by emotion and culture: active exploration for the people-oriented culture with Weixinkang characteristic is the consistent pursuit of the company. Through practical actions such as respecting talents, caring for talents, cultivating talents and developing talents, the company makes the employees feel the warmth of home in the enterprise.