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WeiXinkang medicine - Quality System

Quality control organization structure

    The company has established a quality management and control system that conforms to the GMP requirements and has implemented in all aspects in the R&D, materials management and procurement, production and process control, release, storage and transportation, sales, complaints and recalls. The quality control department of the company includes QA, QC and registration departments. Among them, QA is responsible for monitoring the key quality elements, QC is responsible for quality inspection and test, and the registration department is responsible for the re-registration of the products in production.

QC system and implementation

    The quality control department takes the management responsibilities independently. Through theMaterial-supplier Audit and Approval Management Procedures,Material Monitoring Management Procedure,Production Process Monitoring Management Procedure,Product Quality Review Management Procedureand other management procedures, it conducts overall quality management in the suppliers, warehousing, key production points, production environment, quality review, verification monitoring, release and recall, quality complaints and other links. At the same time, the company has established quality responsibility system of different levels to ensure that raw materials, packaging materials, intermediate products, products being packaged and finished products comply with GMP regulations and drug standards. Meanwhile, the relevant personnel in the functional departments of purchasing, production and quality control must be strictly trained before working on the position.

The approval situation of the company's product quality

    The company's production meets the GMP management practices, and all the production lines have obtained the GMP certificates issued by China Food and Drug Administration. All the products manufactured or sold by the company have obtained the drug registration / re-registration approvals according to the laws, and the quality complies with the provisions of Pharmacopoeia. The sales companies have obtained the GSP certificates issued by China Food and Drug Administration.